Coating Industrial liquid and spray coating

The industrial coating of metals is a key process that guarantees surface and plates protection from wear, corrosion, and aggressive environmental agents. Our company is known for the expertise of its applicators and employees, who utilize coating cabins equipped with traditional pumps for liquid or airless coating, ensuring a precise and high-quality application. Our commitment to quality comes to light also through the organization in certified processing cycles and verification tests performed by highly qualified personnel.

Liquid coating, performed with pressures up to 500 bar, is a technique that ensures optimal results in terms of homogeneity and resistance, fundamental for the durability of the surfaces treated, and it is our core business. For any kind of need concerning spray coating or specific coloring and surface finishes services on the entire country of Italy, we are the perfect choice.

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Coating Customization and versatility

Operating throughout Italy, our company boasts a team of experts capable of guiding you through the customizable choices most suited to your specific needs. We offer unmatched flexibility in the customization of coatings and surface finishes, allowing customers to choose from a wide selection of coatings, which includes inorganic galvanizers, epoxy paints, silicone paints, and many others, guaranteeing a solution for each context.

Our strength lies in the capability to adapt to specific requests, applying coatings on commission with the utmost flexibility and ensuring the possibility to carry out projects of different dimensions with impeccable results, setting a maximum weight limit of 15 tons as our only limitation. Attention to quality by the applicators sets us apart from the competition, making our processing highly versatile, fast and able to manage multiple-coat cycles with precision. The coating service is preceded, in most cases, by the sandblasting of the surfaces in order to guarantee greater adhesion of the coating and a durable finished product.

Quality standards and safety during processing cycles

Our processing cycles are in line with the ISO 9001 and 45001 international regulations, and they ensure high quality and safety standards. Airless coating, preferred by customers for its efficiency, implies a high-pressure spray process; not only does this precise method reduce the material used, it also minimizes dispersion into the environment, meeting strict safety standards.

Our flexibility and commitment to quality make us an ideal choice for those who need operations of industrial coating. We are ready to offer customized solutions, ensuring maximum satisfaction for the client in terms of resistance, durability and aesthetics of the surfaces treated.

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