Company MG Verniciature Srl: Excellency in the Art of Coating

Our company sprouts from a deep expertise in the field of mechanical carpentry, establishing itself, through 18 years, as a reference point for industrial coating and anticorrosion treatments.

Driven by growing demand, we have extended our services to include metal sandblasting and metallization and even logistics, packaging, and final transportation.

Our story is permeated with experience, thanks to the technical mastery of our professionals and to the ability to anticipate the needs of an evolving market.

Come meet us in our facility in Chiuduno, province of Bergamo, and contact us to request further information regarding our services.

Company Precision and Customization

The mission of our company is to ensure high standards of precision and customization for our coating services. The variety of cabins, including those dedicated to the processing of stainless steel, allows us to adapt the treatment to the specific features of the materials. Attention to detail together with the ability to manage a wide range of materials and wares make it possible to offer our customers a comprehensive service that accompanies them in each step of the process and assists them in the immediate after-sale.

Specialized plants

Our plant stands out due to the presence of advanced coating cabins, the number and the capacity of which were developed in direct response to the market demands. We guarantee a high-level custom processing thanks to two sandblasting cabins and eight coating cabins. The synergy between our expertise in mechanical carpentry and specialization in coating allows us to offer a comprehensive service, managing the process from the starting phase to the impeccable final result.

Protect and reinforce your metal surfaces

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