Materials treated

Materials treated Aluminum, steel and metal coating

For ten years, our company has been performing surface treatments, coating and finishing for metals including aluminum, iron, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and other alloys. We invested in high-tech systems and machines to innovate our processing techniques, directly cooperating with clients and offering them a comprehensive service. Our array of services for metallic carpentry and for the metal industry includes coating, metallization and sandblasting of metallic surfaces.

Given the different reaction and compatibility of the materials being treated to processing and coating, all of our solutions are designed by following specific protocols which guarantee paint adherence, elongate its durability and anti-corrosion properties, and meet current safety regulations.

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Materials treated Surface processing for aluminum

Aluminum coating and metallization require a precautionary treatment of the area through sandblasting, which requires passing the aluminum pieces through a discharge of steel microspheres, making the surface homogeneous and free of rust or old layers of coating.

Superficial treatment on aluminum is very much appreciated and requested by many sectors of heavy carpentry to ensure better aesthetics and longer durability of the coated products.


Stainless steel


Other alloys

Coating for iron and other alloys

Iron, brass, bronze and other alloys surfaces often require cleaning and sandblasting processes before the industrial coating cycles. For this reason, into our facilities, we remove, upon request, welding residues, rust, impurities, and previous paints through sandblasting, to ensure maximum protection against corrosion and considerable durability. Turn to our skilled applicators to perform superficial coating treatments on metals used by different manufacturing sectors. Contact us to request an estimate based on your needs.

Protect and reinforce your metal surfaces

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