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Our establishment is equipped to offer metallization processing on different metals and surfaces, aimed mainly at industrial purposes and requiring a superficial anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment. Our highly trained employees carry out this treatment using an Oerlikon Metco electric arc system that, through a spray jet, covers the surface evenly and very efficiently. 

Zinc-coating is a highly innovative system for the protection of metals such as steel and iron against corrosion, thanks to the insulating and protective effect that the zinc deposit has on metal. Our company has an experience of ten years in the field of metal and plate processing and coating, ensuring a fast, reliable, and durable completion. If you are looking for a company for spray metallization, contact us and ask us information about this service.

Metallization Fast and certified processing

Metallization, unlike galvanizing, involves the creation of a superficial metallic layer on metal objects, without the need for direct electrochemical conductivity. Preliminary preparation is therefore crucial, because of the low conductivity of the materials. The initial step, involving a series of treatments aimed at increasing the conductivity of the object, ensures the adhesion of the metal applied.

The metallization procedure follows complex and precise steps: first, acid etching of the surface is carried out, followed by the immersion in chemical baths of metal compounds. The result of this procedure is the formation of a thin intermediate layer of nickel or copper, to which the final layer, meaning. the finish, will be applied. This chemical process ensures a firm adhesion of the metallic layers to the surface.

To obtain an efficient result, this processing requires an adequate preparation of the surfaces with low porosity and highly qualified professionals, who follow protocols and international regulations on the matter.

 Advantages of electric arc metallization

Electric arc metallization, carried out in our plant equipped with cutting-edge Oerlikon Metco technology, offers a series of significant advantages concerning anti-corrosion and anti-rust surface treatments for industrial materials. One of the main benefits is greater adherence and compactness obtained during the process. Thanks to the even and highly efficient spray jet, the zinc deposit creates an insulating protective layer which increases the durability of the metal, especially for steel and iron.

The coating obtained as a result of electric arc metallization presents greater density and a strong intermetallic bond. This not only contributes to greater resistance against corrosion, but also ensures a more efficient covering of the surfaces treated. Its advanced technology also creates higher speed of the particle acceleration during the process, minimizing porosity and limiting oxide formation in the coating.

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