Plant and facilities

Plant and facilities Metal surfaces coating and processing company

Our company has two operating sites, with an establishment of 1300 sqm in Chiuduno (BG) and one of 1500 sqm in Biassono (MB), covering an external area of about 4000 sqm in total. The fleet of machines at our disposal allows us to handle and manage all phases of processing, which takes place into specialized cabins depending on the superficial treatments of coating, sandblasting, metallization and all kinds of superficial processing of metals.

Our cabins are equipped with traditional and airless pumps and with instruments certified for destructive and non-destructive testing. Furthermore, our facilities are also used for the packaging and storage operations we offer our customers.

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Plant and facilities Cabins and machinery

Our plant has different cabins for the processing of materials through sandblasting, coating and metallization. Our two free jet sandblasting cabins, sized13x6 m and 5 m high, use corundum and ceramic microspheres. The first one is dedicated to thin carbon steel sheets and delicate materials, while the other one is specialized exclusively in the processing of stainless steels and stainless alloys, avoiding contamination with oxidizable materials.

In addition, we have eight coating cabins and one for metallization: they allow us to treat a wide variety of surfaces. Our machinery, including overhead cranes, forklifts and cranes, ensure efficient handling and lifting of the materials throughout the various steps of the process.

Our cabins

  • 2 free jet sandblasting cabins of size 13×6 m and height equal to 5 m.
  • 8 coating cabins
  • 1 metallization cabin

Our machinery

  • 4 overhead cranes of 12 tons
  • 4 forklifts of 35000 kg
  • 1 crane of 12 tons
  • 1 forklift of 15 tons

Our spaces

  • Plant of 1300 sqm (BG)
  • Plant of 1500 sqm (MB)
  • External area of 4000 sqm

Plant and facilities Certified coatings

This differentiated and specialized approach allows us to offer high-quality services, adapting our cabins and machinery to the specific needs of the materials to be treated, ensuring, in the meantime, efficiency and precision in the processes of sandblasting, coating, and metallization. Our plants are certified according to international regulations concerning occupational safety and product quality. We therefore offer traceable and efficient finished products.

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