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Quality control Quality control for mechanic finishes

In the field of metallic finishes, our company offers a quality control service for coating and sandblasting processing, in order to inspect actual compliance with the homologation quality parameters.

We can perform roughness tests and sandblasting grades, non-destructive testing of thickness through dry film coating thickness gauges or destructive testing to verify the adhesion of the coating cycles to the surfaces.

In addition to these services, we also perform visual assessments of color and porosity at the end of the processing cycles to detect discontinuities in finishes.

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Quality control Our services


Roughness tests and sandblasting grade

  • We perform sandblasting to define the degree of cleanliness.
  • SA 1-2-2,5-3, utilizing the SVENSK Manual
  • Visual and tactile assessment for roughness
  • We can determine the sandblasting profile by using the roughness meter.

Non-destructive assessment of thickness: wet – dry

  • Measurement with wet film thickness gauges for each coating layer
  • Supervision with dry film coating thickness gauges (ISO 2808)

Destructive tests for coating adhesion (ISO 2409)

  • Squaring
  • Cross-cutting
  • Coating film strength using pull-off (ISO 4624)
  • Calibrated and measured traction

Color control

  • Use of R.A.L. color charts before the finishing
  • Use of spectrophotometer
    • Can detect the spectral reflectance curve

Porosity control

  • Non-destructive test
  • Vacancy or pinholes detection on painted surfaces
  • Use of low-tension direct current to measure surface conductivity using ammeter
  • Possibility to use the “sponge soaked with electrolyte solution” method

Destructive thickness test

  • Destructive tests with P.I.G., cutting a coated piece crosswise
  • Thickness analysis of the coating and of the intermediate layers

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