Sandblasting Industrial sandblasting for metals

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Sandblasting represents a consolidated technique in the industrial sector, and it fulfills a crucial role for the preparation of iron, aluminum, or stainless-steel surfaces. This process, which harnesses the abrasive power of sand or other granules, is crucial for removing oxidation, obsolete paintwork and surface contaminants.

The versatility of sandblasting techniques, available at our facility, offers solutions adaptable to a vast range of applications. The main goal is to obtain an optimally prepared surface for the next steps in the production process or to extend the service life of components and structures.

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Sandblasting Maximum precision and quality

Our commitment to excellency comes to light during the sandblasting procedure that takes place in the Chiuduno establishment. We start with an attentive preparation of the surface, a fundamental step that ensures the success of the process, and then we move the work to the sandblasting cabins, equipped with non-ferrous abrasives such as corundum, which allow us to offer a service suited to each client’s specific needs. We scrupulously perform tests to verify the degree of preparation of the surfaces, meeting the SSPC standards.

Our steel shot basting service, ranging from SA2 to SA3 level, ensures a high-quality finish and confirms our commitment to precision in every detail. Our processing is also ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating out dedication to delivering quality projects that are safe for people and for the environment.

Why performing industrial sandblasting?

The advantages of sandblasting extend from durability of the panels to global efficiency of the materials treated. The removal of superficial undesired layers improves resistance to wear, oxidation and other corrosive agents. Our use of a closed-loop approach, in particular, results in sustainable resource management. The cast iron granules used during the blasting are vacuumed and separated from the dust through an efficient filtration system. This practice not only reduces waste, but also promotes environmental sustainability through recycling and reuse of abrasive materials. In summary, sandblasting is not only a crucial step in surface preparation, but also a key element in optimizing durability, efficiency and sustainability in industrial processes.

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